We dont leave our fur babies with anyone apart from Wood Drove.  We have one very nervous dog but since he has been going to Wood Drove hes mixing with dogs better and gets treated like royalty.  Wood Drove looked after our dogs so well they didnt want to come home.  You get updated and pictures while away and lots of reassurance which is amazing.  I will not trust anyone else with them.  High level of care, lots of exercise , swimming pool, amazing place and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Keri and Bentley and Jackson 2023

Nova has had several stays at Wood Drove during the past year.  Tina instilled confidence in us immediately from the first phone call.  We had the opportunity to visit before we chose to board Nova and was impressed with her knowledge.  We love that Nova gets a good routine and most importantly can get out to run and play with friends.  She is never worried about being dropped off and we get the feeling that we ruin her day by picking her up!  We find the photo updates  reassuring and encouraging. Natasha Caulfield and Nova 2023

My dogs came for their first stay in May 2023 (older dogs) they were so well looked after and I could tell how much they loved it. Absolutely perfect and were so well looked after. Thanks so much Wood Drove for the fantastic service. Highly recommend  Lesley Taylor 2023

After looking around for a kennels that had to “feel right” we found Wood Drove and have never tried anywhere else.  Nev has been to Wood Drove nearly every year of his 13 years and Im sure views it as his holiday home – we dont even get a backward glance as he goes in. My worries as his mummy were always taken seriously and the team have always given 100% in looking after him. He always comes home shattered and happy and we are happy too knowing he is staying somewhere safe, clean, stimulating and loving. Julie and Nev 2023

Totally professionally  run kennels. The most caring knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond with the care of the dogs that stay there. Even if I moved out of the County I would travel there.  I would NEVER go anywhere else.  I had a dreadful experience with a dog sitter in their own home – thought it would be cosier for my dog!  Its a great relief that Poppy gets so excited when she knows shes going to kennels.  I cant recommend Wood Drove enough. Im happy to have my details passed on to speak to anyone concerned personally.  Big thanks to Tina & Dave . Nina & Poppy -2020

Marmite loves going to Wood Drove Kennels.  He spends a month there every Summer and at least a couple of days a month the rest of the year. When he arrives he walks straight past the office to the kennels gates to be let in. I never worry about him as hes so keen to go.  I would highly recommend  Wood Drove.                                                                                       Karen & Marmite -2020 

I cant recommend Tina and Dave at Wood Drove highly enough.  Our two Schnauzers are very spoilt . They loving staying there as much as being at home. They get to share a huge kennel (heated in Winter) with their own garden- they take their own beds, toys and food -so feel right at home.  I know they are safe and well looked after and best of all we get to see photos and videos of them playing in the massive field.  And Wood Drove are sooo professional – I love that they check the dogs’ innoculations , it means I can trust them implicity.  Keep it up Tina & Dave.                                                                                                                             Nikki & Lola and Fela –2020

Inky has been going to Wood Drove kennels since she was a puppy 8 years ago. She started at the Puppy Playtime sessions and met everyone. She always trots off happily when I drop her off and she rarely looks back!  The staff are so good with her and I love the Facebook updates. I always recommend Wood Drove to friends , there is plenty of room for them to run around and make friends.                                                                 Melissa & Inky – 2020